Having started out with a Foundation Degree in Visual Merchandising, I’ve spent the last 10 years in Sales & Marketing, perfecting the art of time management, story telling, brand guardianship, managing up, managing down and generally managing expectations both internally and externally with suppliers and clients alike.

I’ve always described myself as a ‘secret designer’… the kind that wishes they could say out loud it’s what they do. It’s taken a lot of jobs, a little bit of courage and a pandemic but it’s true to say the secrets out. 
After studying at Shillington London in 2020 I can officially introduce myself as a Graphic Designer.

My approach to design is research led - starting at the beginning and following the design process allows me to unlock the potential of a brand and push the identity forward.
 My passion lies in uncovering the ideas and stories of a concept and bringing the messages to life through use of colour, imagery, typography and tone of voice.

if you'd like to learn more or see my full portfolio, you can reach me at stacey@rulethreecreative.com
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